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Energy Management

Energy management is about understanding how and where your energy is being consumed, then identifying opportunities to save money and procure the best energy rates possible. We analyze your entire energy portfolio, whether electricity or natural gas, to identify often overlooked opportunities for savings. This is what QuotEnergy does best!

Energy Management

Our proven track record of getting measurable results for our clients attests to our ability to get the job done by providing significant energy savings for school districts, municipalities and other government organizations. We know the challenges and obstacles you face and we understand the process and how to navigate it so you get the lowest cost savings and achieve budget certainty.

QuotEnergy transforms the way businesses and organizations use energy and bridge the gap between standard commercial energy rates and discounted energy rates. At QuotEnergy our previous successes empower us to continuously improve to deliver only the best results for our customers. We negotiate from start to finish on your behalf and guarantee energy savings each and every time.

As professional energy consultants, we pride ourselves in our ability to eliminate energy waste and provide operational savings across a multitude of building types and sectors. We create custom energy management solutions that improve your facility’s operational efficiency while optimizing your energy spending.

Our energy consulting firm can provide energy savings solutions such as with:

  • Electricity and Natural Gas Procurement
  • Demand Response and Peak Management
  • Market Intelligence
  • Renewables and Energy Efficiency
  • LED Lighting Retrofit
  • Power Factor Correction

QuotEnergy understands the challenges of energy management and procurement and we do our best help organizations and businesses handle complex negotiations across a plethora of energy suppliers, markets and products. We also speak “the lingo” and have years of experience procuring cheaper energy rates for our clients while recognizing ever changing government regulations and  shifting market conditions.

What are the benefits of using the services of a professional energy management and procurement company?

energy consultantsEnergy savings is the backbone to success whether it’s savings in time, costs or improved operational efficiency, at the end of the day in order to ensure budget certainty, every organization should consider hiring an energy consultant.

Compliance with governmental regulations is paramount and QuotEnergy is your best choice to ensure your organization is represented intelligently and professionally to procure the best contract possible. We leverage our long term relationships by getting on the phone to negotiate your electricity and natural gas rates with our suppliers. Sometimes we utilize cutting edge technology like online auctions.

Energy markets fluctuate continuously and on a daily basis, therefore we advise anyone considering shopping better energy rates, to begin exploring their options and review their current contracts 12-36 months before expiry. Why? Because often we can lock in future energy rates now and save you thousands if not millions in the process.

So remember…next time you’re shopping around for reliable and professional energy consulting companies, think about giving QuotEnergy a call and let us show you how much we can save you on your energy costs!

Want to Save Money On Your Energy Costs?

Reverse Auction and Sealed Bid

The Quotenergy Advisors Online Auction
How It Works For You

We host a real-time auction exclusively for you. Energy suppliers are invited to bid and compete for your business.

Energy suppliers are invited to bid in an ultra-competitive atmosphere and get your business the lowest price possible.

The net result is the lowest price for you. The findings are transparent so you can present them to stakeholders with confidence.

Through hosting hundreds of auctions over the years, we have delivered the lowest prices to our clients, both business and government entities.

To learn more, contact us.

Who uses reverse auctions?

There are thousands of companies leveraging the internet to achieve a low energy price with full transparency. The industry really took off with government clients as they wanted a more efficient and more transparent method to procure energy. It has then expanded throughout all sectors of business:

  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial Property
  • Retail
  • Non Profit
  • Education
  • Hospitals and Healthcare
  • Restaurants
  • Religious Organizations
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Renewable Energy

Going “green” may be part of your mission statement or sustainability commitment. “Green” may be a legislative or regulatory mandate for your business or organization.

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Peak Demand Management and Demand Response are terms used by Utilities to describe ways for your business or organization to make an impact on the electricity usage patterns.

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