Procurement – We Get It

Energy Procurement

Procurement – We Get It

Energy Procurement - Focused AnalysisEnergy Procurement is a big project for many schools and you have numerous options and inputs that add unnecessary confusion and frustration. We get it.

QuotEnergy Advisors is different – we listen to you and deliver a transparent process based on your specific business requirements. Whether you need a formal RFP, a reverse auction, or a streamlined procurement using our interlocal approval, we do what is best for you in a straightforward, easy to understand the process.

Procurement is just the beginning of our journey with you. We will continue to work with you to identify and deliver other energy cost reduction projects and help you manage regular reporting, benchmarking, and goal setting.

You will get the lowest cost energy, pay the lowest fee, and get the best post-contracting service.

Don’t settle for a broker that disappears after you sign a contract, contact us to learn about how we can be your trusted energy partner.