Internet of Things….Now What Do I Do?

Everyone is talking about the “Internet of Things” – using data to make better decisions, to reduce costs, and to increase efficiency. The question is – how can I easily convert the onslaught of raw data into helpful information that will improve my bottom line?

This is especially true for companies with multiple locations. QuotEnergy offers a building performance monitoring and executive reporting service that receives and interprets data from any number of systems that you may have (EMS, BMS, ERP, POS, etc.) so that you get the actionable intelligence you need to make confident business decisions. Finding mechanical problems, comfort issues affecting staff performance and customer satisfaction, and leveraging best practices from top-performing locations are possible with our service.

Let QuotEnergy show you how you can transform your energy operations and reduce your costs with a proven, cost-effective solution.

Monitor and manage a single data source or many data sources to uncover inefficiencies and lower your operational costs