Three types of buyers

I find that there are three types of energy buyers.

  1. Penny pincher:  this is the person who tries to “time the market” and often get caught up in saving pennies and not focusing on dollars.
  2. Uh-oh’er:  this is the person that realizes at the last minute that their contract tries to expire
  3. Action taker:  this is the person that sees an opportunity, short or long term, and takes it.

Nobody is better or worse, everyone is different.  What works for you might not work for someone else.  That is why I like chocolate ice cream and my son likes strawberry (yuck).   The key is having an advisor that understands how you work and how your business works to ensure you are happy and confident with your decision.

I find that market timing is extremely important, however, your company’s internal timing is equally so.  Aligning the right decision makers and signatories with a new contract is essential in properly capturing market timing. Too many times I have vetted the best price, supplier, and contract for a client and when they are ready to sign their signatory has been called out, gets sick, has a board meeting, or has to tend to more pressing issues.

Our advisors balance your internal processes with market opportunities to make the buying process a success in your management’s eyes.

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