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I have an electricity contract already – please stop calling me!

I get it.

The number of calls, emails, webinar invitations, market reports, etc. you receive from energy brokers/suppliers is just overwhelming.  It is an eat what you kill industry and the salespeople are just doing their jobs, but it can be frustrating from the customer point of view.  What is worse is that the services they offer are pretty much the same.  And when your contract expiration is about 18 months out the call volume gets worse.

Why is it that brokers focus on you now?
Why is it that you sign a contract and don’t hear from the broker until now?  And when you do finally hear from the company again, the odds are it will be a different person calling you?

Don’t you expect better than this? 
If you want to be treated like you are buying a used car then stop reading here.

The energy industry and market is constantly evolving. New technologies, regulations, and market dynamics present an ever-changing set of opportunities to optimize your energy spend.  Most companies do not realize how to identify these opportunities for themselves.

This is what we do!
QuotEnergy Advisors is always evaluating our customer’s energy spend and putting together strategies to save you money. We are committed to our clients beyond the electricity contract.

It is not uncommon to uncover 10-40% cost savings by having someone analyze and implement a few industry-standard projects. Results differ because of a variety of factors, but knowing you have someone evaluating every aspect of your spend is assuring.  We walk you through the process and to have a keen interest in you beyond signing your electricity contract.

We evaluate a number of proven energy savings opportunities such as:

The key is understanding the returns and risks for each project so you can properly evaluate your opportunities.

It is time to stop buying used cars and it is time gain a true energy advisor that can rely on for years to come.

Oh, did I mention we are very good at energy procurement!

Energy procurement for natural gas electricity contract brokers

Energy procurement for natural gas electricity contract brokersEnergy procurement for natural gas electricity contract brokersEnergy procurement for natural gas electricity contract brokers

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