“I manage energy contracting myself”

Many companies manage energy procurement internally, often because they consider it relatively easy to manage or simply do not want to pay an outsider. So many clients:

→ Wait until last minute to sign a contract, rather than have someone help them be proactive in the market identifying “sweet spots” and hidden savings opportunities. This also forces them to make a decision based on contract expirations rather than on their own time and in their best interest.

→ Sign an extension with their existing supplier because the price is lower than what they had. While this is good on one hand, incumbent suppliers normally don’t offer the best price in these situations and to have them compete against the open market is most effective.

→ Solicit pricing from only 2-4 suppliers, rather than taking the time to capture pricing from a larger supplier pool thus yielding a better opportunity for larger negotiations.

→ Get confused by the variety of specialty products offered by suppliers trying to differentiate themselves.

→ Put this task on the shoulders of an inexperienced buyer.

→ Get tired of the “game” and end up signing a contract just to get it over with.

QuotEnergy takes pride in representing their clients’ interests and in getting them the best product, price, transparency, and contract, while taking the burden off the client. It is about focusing your efforts on what you do best and leveraging outside resources to offload ancillary projects. One of the signs of a great leader is how he/she delegates!

A lot changes in 2-3 years, and in the energy space, 2-3 months. Suppliers change pricing models, new regulations are enacted, etc. QuotEnergy is in the market all of the time, understand the nuances of each supplier, learn about new service offerings, and maintain relationships with suppliers so clients do not have to. We leverage this knowledge to best manage the process for our clients.