Electricity Grid Vulnerability

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Electricity Grid Vulnerability

The electricity grid’s vulnerability to either cyber or physical attacks is quite real.  And while the availability of the grid is vital to our national security and general way of life.

It does not get the same media attention as healthcare, debates, equality, etc., but if you think about it for just a moment don’t you think it should?  The grid is essential to provide the two things that we need to survive; water and food.  Yes, we would not have our phones, gasoline, etc., but the essentials would be cut off to vast populace.

Just yesterday a single sniper took out a small substation in Utah with a single weapon.  13,000 people lost power for the day and likely shrugged it off as an inconvenience.  Imagine not having power for 6-12 months, that is the reality of a major takedown of our grid – and I think we can see from this incident that it wouldn’t take much.

And do not forget the tactical attack on a California substation in 2013, which took a month to get back online.  Just think about what your life would be without electricity for a month?  Scary.

I recommend reading “Lights Out” by Ted Koppel, it is a compelling and eye-opening book.  Click here to go to the books’ website.

Please start contacting your political representatives to make this issue of the highest importance. Click here to find them in your area.